Wasp Nest Removal Benfleet

Wasp nest removal services in BenfleetDo you have a wasp nest infestation? WNR provide first class wasp nest removal and control solutions to residents and businesses in the Benfleet area. We are one of leading wasp nest removal companies and will save you pounds compared with international professional pest control companies like Rentokil. We are confident you'll find our prices competitive and our dedicated team second to none. We have all the latest equipment and pesticides and our pest control technicians are fully trained in all aspects of extermination and can offer you an exceptional service for an affordable price. Wasps can interrupt your business dealings, restrict your access to your house or garden, cause lots of worry and anxiety and may cause allergic reactions if they sting, making their prompt removal important.


Never Try to Remove Wasps on Your Own

Pest Control Services all Hertfordshire areasIt might be tempting to try and deal with the situation yourself, but it is very important that you never try wasp nest removal on your own. Wasps build their nests in hard to reach places, like roof eaves or inside cavity walls so even if you find the nest you may not be able to reach it without the help of a professional technician. Wasps are also a health and safety hazard. Stings are painful and if a wasp feels threatened it can release pheromones to alert other wasps. You could find that you are attacked by the whole colony. Multiple stings are dangerous and could even be fatal. Some people can develop anaphylactic shock from just one sting. If you have a business that is open to the public, you will not know who is allergic.
Our wasp nest removal technicians have specialised clothing and equipment to ensure that they can exterminate wasps safely and they will always do a risk assessment and make sure you and other occupants of the property are safe, including any animals.

Same Day Wasp Termination Services in Benfleet

We have wasp nest technicians in the Benfleet area daily, including the entire SS7 postcode area. If you live in Benfleet, or the surrounding areas, we are at your service. Most councils no longer provide a wasp nest removal service so give us a call and we can be at your property within two hours. We understand what a nuisance wasps are to your livelihood or family and we'll never keep you waiting. We will locate the problem, identify the risks and make sure everyone is safe. Then we'll treat the nest by adding poison to the entrance. Treatment time should be completed in only 60 minutes, allowing you to get on with your day. After 24 hours, the nest can be broken up and removed.

Our wasp nest removal technicians operate seven days a week in Benfleet and have a success rate of over 95% for exterminating wasps. In the unlikely event that the wasps aren't destroyed in just one visit, we can visit a second time, free of charge. By choosing our company, you will also receive great after-care advice to help you avoid further infestations. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. To say goodbye to your wasp problem, our wasp nest removal technicians are waiting for your call.

Please thank Peter on our behalf, he turned up within an hour to help a damsel in distress. I will recommend to all our friends.
Lucy – Chelmsford
Can you please call and help my neighbour. They have a very angry nest and I told her you're the man to help.
Darren – Tring
Thanks for your help at such short notice. I can't believe I was quoted £300 by another company for the same job.
Maria – Ilford
Very professional and reliable service. Happy to have you on our list of approved contractors.
Terry – St Albans CCTV Solutions

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